Quality Assurance and Data Protection

HRM Systems assures high quality throughout all processes thanks to the ISO 9001 certification of our management system and the data protection certificate GoodPriv@cy®.

Privacy Policy

HRM Systems AG is aware that its activities take place in a sensitive area under data protection law. We therefore take all necessary measures to adhere to the legal requirements concerning data protection in our field of activity, and to provide our clients with data protection-compliant services and software products developed in accordance with the principle of Privacy by Design.

In particular, this means:

  • HRM Systems AG undertakes to comply with the legal, contractual and additional internal data protection requirements at all times.
  • The employees at HRM Systems are aware of the importance of data protection and receive training accordingly.
  • HRM Systems takes the organizational and technical measures necessary to safeguard the security of information, and ensures the efficiency of these measures is reviewed both internally and by external specialists.
  • The data protection management system is audited annually by the Swiss Association for Quality and Management Systems SQS for compliance with the specifications of GoodPriv@cy®, and its efficacy is reviewed.


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