Reduced costs thanks to comprehensive support in the accident process

With the Suva mandate, HRM Systems supports Suva-insured companies in reducing their accident costs by comprehensive services in the area of prevention, processing and representation of interests regarding premium optimisation.


Inreased transparency – lower costs – lower premiums

Every accident will be systematically verified by specialists, thus ensuring you receive targeted support with accident administration and, if required, with implementing claim management processes. Our specialists identify problem cases that could have an impact on premiums at an early stage, as well as their possible long-term consequences. This facilitates coordination on your part and ensures the smooth implementation of reintegration measures.


Our key focus areas


  • Preparation of database for prevention
  • Analysis of database
  • Identification of focal points in prevention



  • Analysis of all accident reports
  • Guarantee of recourse
  • Estimation of expected payouts


Optimising premiums

  • Insurance structure
  • Assistance with legal procedures
  • Representation of interests


Advantages of the SUVA mandate

Lower costs

  • Risk-adjusted insurance premiums thanks to an annual premium calculation review
  • Cost reduction due to the revision of insurance calculations: correct case cost burden
  • Annual savings thanks to automation


Enhanced quality

  • Proof of compliance with due diligence
  • Automation and standardisation of processes
  • Data stays with the client and not the insurer


Advantages for employees

  • Targeted prevention measures via high transparency thanks to detailed analyses and reports
  • Case management for serious incidents
  • HR activity focussed on operations that lock in added value for the company



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