Our company history over the course of time

Lorenz Hartmann

In 1916, Lorenz Hartmann worked for SUVA, which was in the process of being founded, as an inspector, first in Chur and then in Winterthur. Subsequently, he established an occupational safety policy at Sulzer AG in Winterthur.


In 1945, he became self-employed and founded L. Hartmann-Unfallverhütung AG with a focus on providing advice concerning accident prevention and reintegration. Due to the lack of availability on the Swiss market, he imported and sold specialist protection equipment. He supported his clients by helping them to reduce accidents and to negotiate more risk-based premiums.

Walter Hartmann

In 1949, his son, Prof. Dr. Walter Hartmann, joined the company and later took on the role of Chief Executive Officer. He recognised the importance of the availability of good data for successful prevention and therefore supported his clients based on the collected data.


In 1984, Robert Hartman, the first representative of the third generation, took on the position of Chief Executive Officer and initiated the development of IT-based solutions to reduce administrative cost and to optimise accident processes.


In 1985, Dr. med. Andrea Hartmann, the second representative of the third generation, joined the company. He focused on occupational medicine and industrial hygiene.


In the 1990s, the need to simplify administration and processing increased, not only for accidents but also for illnesses. Therefore, the software UKA Solutions was developed by the sister company, HRM Systems AG, in 1998. Now, accident and illness data can be transmitted and processed electronically with a high degree of automation.


In 2002, the systemised absence management system AMF was developed. Early detection, in particular in the case of short absences, was now possible thanks to the availability of good data.


In 2006, L. Hartmann Unfallverhütung AG and HRM Systems AG merged. From then on, the company operated under the name of HRM Systems AG.


In 2017, the AMF module used in UKA Solutions software was replaced by the CAREMA software, which although independent was affiliated with UKA. Enhanced features, an intuitive user interface and a module for case management enabled comprehensive occupational health management.


In 2018, PEP Services was launched. In close collaboration with Urs Heer GmbH, we holistically support companies in the health and social sector in relation to the process and personnel deployment planning.


In 2020, HRM Systems and Abacus formed a partnership. Thanks to this, since 2022, Abacus customers have been able to do their accident and illness administration with UKA Connect directly from their MyAbacus.


In 2022, HRM Systems formed a partnership with SAP to also directly connect SAP to UKA Connect. From the end of 2024, this connection is planned for the Success Factors Employee Central Payroll cloud solution as well as the HCM on-premise solution.


Georg Hartmann, a representative of already the fourth generation as CEO, currently manages the company.

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